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Medication Take Back


We accept unwanted/expired medication at the Winston Police Department during normal business hours.

We also have a medication drop-box at Winston City Hall during normal business hours.

There has been a dramatic increase nationwide in the number of poisonings and even deaths associated with the abuse of prescription and OTC drugs.

Proper disposal of these substances can dramatically reduce the potential for misuse.

Because these chemicals can pollute the water supply, we are asking you to please bring unused medications to the Winston Police Department or dispose of them properly in your trash.




More teens abuse prescription drugs than any illicit drug except marijuana.

The majority of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them easily and for free, primarily from friends and relatives.

Many parents are not aware of teen prescription drug abuse. Teens say their parents are not discussing these dangers with them, even though research shows that parental disapproval is a powerful way to keep teens from using drugs.

Parents are in a unique position to immediately reduce teen access to prescription drugs because they are found in the home.


Educate Yourself and Others


It is important to recognize that any home can hold potential hazards for your children. Talk to other adults whose homes your children visit. Make sure they are aware of the dangers prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications can pose to children.

Know what medications and how much you have on hand. If you are no longer using a medication, dispose of it properly. It is too easy to forget what is in your medicine cabinet. It is too easy for someone to take unused medications undetected.


Proper Disposal


According to the National Anti-Drug Campaign, medications should not be flushed down the drain or toilet “because the chemicals can pollute the water supply.”

To properly dispose of prescription medications, please bring them to the Winston Police Station. Medications can also be disposed of in your trash. However, before they are put with your household waste, mix with an unsavory substance like used coffee grounds or cat litter. To protect your identity, always destroy labels on prescription bottles.


More Information

Download this informaiton in a pdf brochure format and share it with others:

Medication Take Back brochure

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